Audi Harrogate

If you are a proud Audi owner in Harrogate, you will be pleased to know that Audi is one of the brands we specialise in here at Auto-Logic! Dan Phillips of Auto-Logic has many years of experience working independantly with the large Audi franchise in Knaresborough before opening Auto-Logic in Harrogate.

Over the years Dan has also undertaken & passed several high level VAG technical courses with the Audi group which allowed him to specialise in Audi technical diagnostics, as well as many other makes and models.

We also specialise in Volkswagen, BMW, Seat, Skoda and Mini products. However, our Harrogate garage has all the necessary experience and knowledge to perform all tasks on every make and model of car. So whether you are an Audi owner in Knaresborough or own any other type of vehicle – we have all the means to solve your problem quickly and affordably!

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Audi Harrogate
Audi Harrogate Service and Repair

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What we can do for your Audi:

Light service and repair | Tyres | Exhausts | Brakes | Cambelts | Clutches | Air Conditioning | Petrol and Diesel diagnostics | MOTs

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