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We are your specialist local garage for all things car tyres Harrogate. Whether it’s just tyres, wheel alignment, alloy wheel sets or brakes, we can help with all car tyre services and more from our local Harrogate garage. Our Harrogate car tyre services are fast, affordable and reliable and you can wait peacefully in our customer reception with wireless broadband access and keep on top of your day while we handle your vehicle efficiently.

Our local garage is your solution for any and all car service requirements in the Harrogate and Knaresbrough region and beyond. Our wide range of services.

Quick tips for all things Car Tyres
Always remember the following when it comes to general car tyre maintenance

Checking on your car tyres is essential for maintaining legal and trust-worthy driving. It is also a serious concern you must have for the safety of yourself and others inside or outside your vehicle.

We recommend checking these car tyre essentials at least once a month:

Tyre Pressure

Tyre pressure is one of the most important things you must keep checking on a regular basis. If you, like most drivers around Harrogate, are a busy individual doing regular road trips, you must do all you can to ensure your tyres remain inflated and therefore avoiding damage. Keep them pumped up to the recommended pressure for maxim tyre-lifespan. Your car’s user manual should tell you the recommended tyre pressure. Alternatively, your fuel flap or even somewhere on your tyre should display this too. You should always do your pressure checks when the tyres are cold. When your tyres are hot, like after a drive, their pressure is naturally raised, so make sure you check them before driving to ensure you are not mislead and do not under-inflate them by mistake.

Tread Depths

There is natural wear and tear over long periods of time. Many driving circumstances can influence this further. So you must regularly check your car tyre tread depth to ensure long term safe driving.


As a continuation of the above point, be very visual in how you check your car too. Even if there are no incorrect measurements of your tyres, there may be noticeable damage that you might easily miss without having a general check. Punctures can be caused easily, as you may very well have experienced before.


When buying new tyres, ensure you know your sizing and specification first. Check the recommendations in your handbook and don’t ever go against them.

Further Reading

For further advice on general check-ups we recommend this free wheels and tyres guide on and this collection of guides on

Car Tyres Harrogate
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Our local car services in Harrogate also provides a wide range of services including:

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