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Electrical,Petrol and Diesel Diagnostics

We here at Auto-Logic have a range of dealership level diagnostic tools designed for the modern day vehicle. We can carry out Electrical diagnostics on petrol and diesel powered cars to a high level using one of our main diagnostic machines. The 2 main diagnostic machines we use here is the Autologic which we have recently purchased and is one of the best dealership level diagnostic machines out there and capable of many functions,including adaptations basic settings, retrofits,coding and much more, it is also supported by a behind the scenes technical department for each manufacturer with highly trained master technicians to help guide and advise to get the vehicle diagnosed and fixed as quickly as possible. The next diagnostic machine we have is the Bosch KTS which works well along side the Autologic, again its a very high level machine capable of all sorts of functions, The Bosch KTS has a much wider range of vehicle brands, so between the two machines, all manufacturers are covered to a high level of diagnostic capability.

We also have a wide range of specialist tool such as; a Pico oscilloscope; compression testers; fuel pressure testers; many engine timing tools. So no matter what the problem is with your vehicle you can be sure if you take it to Auto-logic, it will be in safe hands and will get to the bottom of your problem quickly and efficiently.

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